Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chicken Feet: I Just Do Not Have Words


  1. in the Philippines, chicken feet is famous and i ate that when I was there. it is usually found in the streets where vendors are selling with their barbecue stands. you can eat it everywhere while strolling at the park. it's yummy and it's not really disgusting. the locals are enjoying the food and they call it adidas.

  2. Wow! Adidas? I'd love it if you could tell me where that name came from.

    I appreciate your comment: I recognize that chicken feet are popular food all over the world. I wonder, though: what does one eat? Chicken feet are all gristle, skin, and bone, and at the restaurant where these pictures are taken, even the toenails are still there.

    You're right: it's not fair to call this food disgusting, because it's not. Let's just chalk it up to my being American. It's just not every day that American eaters – even adventurous eaters – are confronted by food as truly foreign as this.

    Unlike, say, a steak, it's impossible to pretend that a claw is anything but a claw.